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Thoughtfull Marketing and Design for the Self-Starter

Let's get creative

We focus on your needs

Creativity over technology

Real creativity and smart positionning is more important for Self-starters than any technology

Agile brand development

A strong strategy and design from the start and the most essential material first to get you started quick while reducing cost

Graphic design with purpose

Your identity determines your place on the market. The strongest identity is easily recognizable and eye candy

As a Self-Starter, you don't have time to waste trying to do this yourself

Stay focus on creating value with your product, we will make sure people recognize this value

What do you do best?


Marc is curious, smart and ressourceful. He is passionate about learning and aware of the world around. He can always find the right word with a personal touch of creativity.


Positioning Strategy

Information Architecture




Tess is more than a graphic designer. She is a complete artist from photography to painting and illustration. She knows everything about graphics and how emotions get carried out by shapes and colors.


Visual Identity

Custom Art Work

Layout Design


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